Major grocery retailer.


Increase share of basket with low income shoppers.


Extensive qualitative research with consumers (in-home gatherings, in store shop-alongs, small group sessions) to better understand the daily challenges they face and the role of grocery shopping in their lives (when, where and how they shop and why)

Interviews with client store directors and managers to obtain their perspective on low income shoppers, what’s working and what’s not

Group sessions with community leaders to obtain their opinions as to the needs of low income shoppers and potential ways retailers can help improve their lives


Cross-functional task force addresses pricing issues, store crowding, long check-out lines and a new service counter meat program

New Ideas and programs activated that consider the changing needs of shoppers from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.

Improved understanding of community issues will enable client to make more focused community relations investments designed to help address the real needs of low income shoppers


Same store sales increases significantly within first three months

New community relations initiatives look very promising

Store managers feel empowered to effect change as a result of their contributions to the cross-functional problem-solving approach