Leading Asian Automobile Manufacturer.


Establish a clear difference between two leading brands from the same company.


Initiated global research (North America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia) with client executives, dealers and consumers to understand client and competitor brand buying influences and overall perceptions of each brand (client ad agencies were invited to participate all research sessions for the purpose of informing the follow-on creative work)

A set of “hypothesized” brand attributes were developed for each brand…then validated more broadly to test for relevancy and differentiation among dealers, customers and prospective buyers

Attributes for each brand were then refined and used to develop a distinctive identity and “position”, subsequently reflected in new internal brand materials as well as dealer brand manuals.

A detailed set of recommendations was prepared to help operationalize the attributes across and down the respective brand organizations


Client was unaware how the lack of differentiation between their brands was confusing employees, dealers and consumers

Through more effective differentiation and positioning, each brand would have a better chance to achieve its full potential


Client used new brand platform to inform external ad agency partners as well as internal communications teams

New and differentiated ad campaigns were launched for each brand in all key markets

Client’s overall global market position moved from number eight to number five within twenty-four months