Top three global energy company.


Understand why client is not getting more leverage from their environmental initiatives and related efforts to promote sustainable sources of new energy.


Audited client’s global constituency management program.

Conducted “deep dive” assessments in four key market areas in the US, to dissect client’s current conduct vis à vis important stakeholders

Mapped and profiled key constituents, identified gaps between client current actions and constituent’s expectations

Developed a simple, easy-to-remember set of behavioral brand drivers to help guide employee interactions with constituents

Prepared internal education and training guidelines for client’s global external affairs teams


Client’s current constituency management program was too complicated and difficult to implement, resulting in a loss of recognition for many good deeds

In addition, different departments dealing with the brand and reputation were overlapping – causing confusion internally and externally

Deep dive market assessments gave client new appreciation for the value of transparency and personal interactions as a preferred way to interact with constituents


The brand drivers were easier for external affairs practitioners to implement

The drivers were incorporated into new constituency management program guidelines, processes and practices